Thursday, June 17, 2010

What website do you spend the most time on?

Probably Twitter. But I usually use the Twitter for iPhone app when I want to use Twitter. :)

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Who's the funniest person you know?

Probably my husband. He always knows how to make me laugh.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Ranting!

Okay, I'm the first person to admit that I'm not perfect (well, maybe my ex-husbands would jump into that too, but fuck those guys), but I have a very strict sense of the way children should behave in a public place like a restaurant. Matt and I went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner last weekend, and of course, they were very busy. That's not the issue we had while we were there. The issue we had was that there was a large group of people there with a small number of children with them. I think it may have been a soccer team or some nonsense like that, but I digress. The children with the group ( I think there may have been about 5 or 6 kids) were all being very noisy and it seemed that they had some terrible magic causing them to have what seemed an endless supply of balloons. That they wanted to draw on. And bounce around. And yell about. For 25 fucking minutes. I think there were 4 balloon poppings that I can remember, and it seemed like they just magically regenerated like they were some kind of fucked up balloon T-1000 or something. The worst part: people seem afraid to say anything about things like that now. I kind of understand why, in some ways, but those kids were just behaving awfully. There was no excuse for any of that. At all. The noise level in the place dropped by a huge amount after they left, and there were actually MORE kids there when those people left than when we first sat down.
So just as a general rule, from now on, I think I'll make it a personal policy to let people know when their kids are being awesome in a place like that. I have had people tell me that my kids are incredibly well behaved, and I have to say that in my own opinion, I think that they are, especially in situations like being in a crowded public place. If anyone has any ideas about how to approach a large group to let them know that the children of the group are behaving like extras in 'Lord of the Flies', please let me know.

Ahh,, the end of the school year..

Tomorrow is the boys' last day of school for the year. I'm still not sure if I should be happy or somewhat disappointed by this. Happy because I can spend more time with them, disappointed because I lose almost all of my time to do things during the day. I suppose it'll be a pretty good summer though. They really like spending the time with me, and I am enjoying watching them grow. (Sometimes, not always though. It's scary!) So I imagine I'll be blogging more from the phone, which I thought would be a good idea, but in actuality it just makes me feel lazy for not posting more. I guess I'll just have to post more at night, which is okay with me. :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

My damn hair... (a rant) And some other stuff...

Okay, so I decided to go get a haircut and change things up a bit. I liked my asyemmetrical a-line, but I decided it was time for a change. So I decided to get the haircut my dad's been telling me he thinks I should get for a while. [I wore this wig a couple years ago for Halloween, and my dad really liked the way the style looked on me, so he's been telling me he thinks I should get that same style for my actual hair. It's a short bob with these cute little Bettie Page bangs.And it did look nice on me. :)] I went to the same place I always go, and there was someone getting their hair cut almost the same way I wanted. "I'm in luck!", I thought. So I waited for the girl to have her cut finished, and seeing the way it turned out, I was encouraged that I'd be as lucky with mine. When the stylist was all finished, I explained to her that I wanted a very similar cut, but with Bettie Page bangs in the front. This stylist was what I lovingly refer to as 'a relic of a bygone age'. (She later told me she's been styling hair for 45 years). And I had to remind her WHO BETTIE PAGE WAS. I was understandably less encouraged by this, but what the hell, I was already there and I did need a haircut pretty badly. Between the stylist and I, we decided that it would be easiest to take the extra length off first, and that went fine, but then she started on the bangs. She asked how long I wanted them, which I thought was a little weird when I'd told her I was looking for Bettie Page style bangs, but I went ahead and explained it anyway. When she started cutting, it seemed like the right length, so I told her to go ahead. But she made a slight mistake and had to take a little more off than I'd really wanted. hair started to dry. When my hair dries, it tends to bounce up a little. Yeah, it's pin straight, but still, I have a little body and volume in it. Apparently, I also have a (previously undiscovered) cowlick right in the front of my hair. That made the new bangs stick up. More than normal. So, to even them out, she took a little more off the other side. When they finally looked about right, she went to work on the back of my hair. That part went pretty well, so I was thinking that the worst case scenario was that my bangs were a little short and I'd have to weigh them down with a little product. So Relic Lady "finishes" my hair and Matt and I head home so I can shower all the icky little cut hairs off and style the cut the way I wanted. I come home, take my shower, get my jammies on, and style my hair. But as it dries, I look over at Matt and ask "Is it just me, or are the bangs a little uneven?" "Um, hon, they're more than a little uneven. I'd say there's about an inch difference between each side. They're a LOT shorter on your right side than they are on your left side." "Well, FUCK. " So I went back into the bathroom to check and see how bad they really were and if if was just how I'd styled them, or if maybe I'd moved them. Nope. They were fucking slanted. And Matt was right. They were about an inch higher on my right side than on my left side. I called the salon right away and made sure Relic would be back the next morning.
So we go back the next morning, on the way to helping my brother move, so Relic can fix my damn bangs. She decided that the only way to really fix them (because she cut them too fucking short in the first damn place) was to keep them more a sharp angle from the rest of my hair (which I wanted) and to thin them out (which I definitely DID NOT want). But at least they're even now. And my hair grows fast. So eventually it'll be the haircut I actually wanted, not the one I have now, that I had to settle for.

In other news, life is pretty damn awesome. Matt continues to be the best husband on the entire planet, and I couldn't be happier. I can't imagine life without him. The kids are awesome, when they're not breaking stuff. And life here in the 'burbs is going pretty well. I promise I'm trying to write more. Not necessarily here, but I'm trying to write more. And I've been playing my guitar more lately. I'm starting to make some progress I think, and I think if I combine the two, I may actually end up writing a song before the year's out. Nothing like an amazing partner to have as a muse. Seems like everything I write lately is about him. And I'm very much okay with that.

Okay, it's bedtime now. Good night. :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Wow, what a month May has been! First, I had the splendid pleasure of being at W00tstock 2.1 Portland, and meeting a lot of awesome, funny, talented geeks. It was my early Mother's Day present to myself, as Mother's Day was the next day. I got to meet Wil Wheaton, Adam Savage, Paul and Storm, Molly Lewis, Hank Green, the brilliant Loading Ready Run, and more. They've actually got a site up now, and it's definitely worth checking out:
I couldn't believe how much it felt like finally being in a room filled with people like me. Nerds. Geeks. (I was called both while in school, with varying amounts of meanness. It used to bother me, but I tend to embrace the terms now, and actually sort of welcome them.) It was wonderful, and I really didn't even notice they'd gone over an hour over their scheduled time! I'm so glad I got to share the experience with Matt and his good friend.

Then I had my Mommy day with my little guys and went to see my mom. I got new plants for my deck (they're doing quite well now!) and had a very fast couple weeks.

And on Friday May 21, 2010, (the 30th anniversaries of the releases of both Pac-Man and The Empire Strikes Back), I married my best friend. We had a small ceremony at his brother's house, and with our families there, we finally became husband and wife. I know it seems silly to say "finally" in some ways, these things obviously don't happen overnight, but he's been different from day one. I think I realized I was in love with him on our second or third date. I felt so instantly connected to him, and it seemed obvious to me that there was no way I was going to spend another day without him in my life. And here I am, now happily married to my best friend. Our ceremony was officiated by my friend Nate, who was totally awesome and really listened to us when we said we just wanted something simple that conveyed our feelings. No "giving away the bride" or fancy dress. No tux. No flower girls, groomsmen, ring bearers, or (much to Nate's chagrin) bridesmaids. Just Nate, Matt, and me. And there's no possible way it could have been better. It was exactly what I had wanted for Matt and I. Private, surrounded by family and friends close enough to be family. The only thing that went wrong was that my mom was sick and wasn't able to make it. And as much as I would have loved to have had her there, I can understand why she stayed home. I'm glad my dad got video of everything for her. We had tons of cameras, and at least two people taking video, so I think we got that covered. We have our beautiful wedding rings, which were custom made for us and have my fingerprint on the outside of Matt's ring and his fingerprint on the outside of my ring. I'll make sure to post some stuff as soon as I get it, because silly me forgot the camera here at home. Our brothers were our witnesses and signed our marriage license after the ceremony. My brothers girlfriend made our cake, which was very yummy, and Matt's sister's boyfriend manned the barbeque to cook the meat his sister-in-law had seasoned. All of it was completely delicious, and I liked it that it was really a total family effort. The kids all seemed to have a lot of fun and got along as well as can be expected given that many of them hadn't ever met before.

So, that's my May so far. I met some geek celebrities and had a great time. Then, most importantly, I got to call my best friend by a new title: husband. I really don't think there's any possible way to make this month have gone any better so far. I know I'm rambling, but I'm sleepy dammit, and I reserve the right to not make sense should the mood strike me so.

Okay, that's really everything.

Oh, and don't forget: Don't panic, and carry a towel.

Friday, April 16, 2010

So...haven't posted much of anything for a while. I've been kinda busy. So here's a quick update on the life of Vic: My super fantastic boyfriend and I decided to get married. (May 21st, 2010) I'm learning to knit, and my kids are monsters. Adorable, sweet monsters, but monsters nonetheless. Um...that's about it.
So, anyway, I'm getting married again. This is a really new thing for me though. I feel like we're really equals in our relationship and he's my best friend. I don't have any doubts at all about this, and I had immense doubts when I was married before, so I'm feeling pretty good about it. Our brothers are going to be our witnesses and his brother actually is hosting the wedding. I know this sounds sappy and all that shit, but this is the happiest I've been. I wasn't sure I *could* be this happy, or that I deserved it, but here I am. He's an amazing person, and I am so much better for having him in my life. I feel very fortunate that he wants to share his life with me. Even his family is cool! His mom is a sweet person, his dad is really funny, his sisters are sweet, and his brother is just cool. This is the first time I've ever liked potential in-laws, and actually gotten along with them. My parents and brother like him too, so it's like a win-win situation. I'm so excited for the wedding! I get to have an old friend perform the ceremony for us and everything. I can't believe how lucky I am.
Time for bed, however. I promise to attempt to post more. No guarantees though. :)